Reina, F1 Queen
Uraniawild Reina of Savannahlove

Reina is a very large F1 female, with excellent type and character: she is sweet with both humans and pets, likes to play with her ball, and is very calm for a high generation Savannah. Her sweet demeanor and her easy-going personality will surely pass on to her offspring. 
Sparta SBT Queen
Bengalserver Sparta of Savannahlove

Sparta is a very sweet and cuddly savannah, who loves people and kids and likes playing with other cats and dogs.
She has a loyal and playful personality and gives birth to beautiful kittens with warm colours and dark spots.
She has very tall legs and nice ears and head.
She enjoys walking on a leash and playing with a ball. 
Cairo SBT Stud
Bulgari Cairo of Savannahlove

Cairo is very outgoing with cats and dogs, and sweet with people. He wants to be petted all the time. He has a very sweet character and he likes adventures and playing with water. He also enjoys walking on a leash and playing fetch!
He has excellent colours, clear warm brown coat and black spots, and is muscular, all of which he passes on to his offspring.